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Name: Kezhon Regay Dever, No nick names.
Age: 28
Height and weight: 8'6" 210
Body type: Thin with a little muscle but it's not to noticeable, lanky with long legs.
Eyes: Honey gold,
Hair: Red, with strips of black fur on his neck like a mane. Medium hair length that he keeps tied back in a short pony tail.
Race: Caucasian
Species: Maned wolf-human hybrid
Nationality: Brazilian, with Scottish and Russian heritages. Speaks Portuguese, slight broken English, with a Scottish accent. Knows a little Russian.
Birthday: Oct. 26th
Other phys. traits: Has thin scars over his eyes, across his nose and a few on his lips. Deeper scars on his body and a few in… unseen areas… Has a high arch in his nose and a long thin face with a high cheek bone. He has a well trimmed goatee. Ambidextrous. Has tribal tattoos on each forearm. He is a digigrade, his paws are covered in a short fur, he has to trim it though because it tends to grow long if unkempt. Has canine teeth, large ears about 7 in. in height, the ear tuff is white, the rest is red and a fluffy tail with white one the tip.
Preferred outfits: Likes neutral colors and general wears a t-shirt with a button over shirt and jeans. Pretty much anything that can help beat the heat. Tries to avoid shorts cause everyone says he looks like a dork because of his skinny legs. And of course always wears his glasses. Maybe wears his snake bites, if he's in the mood.
Family background: Is technically the second youngest because his twin was born 2 minutes after him. Has 3 elder half-brothers, had an elder half-sister but is deceased [Their father deceased] . Has a younger half-sister whom he is very protective of [Born from a surrogate]. His father and mother are divorced but get a long fairly well. And has a step-father married to his mother, whom he doesn't get to talk to very often but respects him all the same. Also has a step-father who is partnered with  his father, he thinks highly of him and loves to visit for lunch. His father's side of the family are the head of the mafia, Kezhon prefers to be left out of it but if need be he will kindly help when his family needs it.
General history: Was separated from family when a large war broke out in his country and his town was attacked, wound up on the streets after being thrown out of an orphanage because they were over packed and they thought him to be "disturbed" faced sexual molestation [Also went through molestation at 6 years of age by a neighbor], starvation and physical abuse. Later adopted in by an elder widower, and after suicide of best friend and love interest was institutionalized.
Schooling: Missed 6-8th grade and never graduated.
Talents: Loves music and plays guitar fairly well, practices piano because he doesn't feel he has it down just yet.
Special powers: Like everyone in his world he has the ability to shape shift but it requires a lot of energy so they only do it during certain times.
IQ: 123 He is intelligent, he won't lie he can be rather slow at learning certain things and can have those typical "Blonde moments" [No offence to the intelligent blondes out there ]
EQ: Average
General personality: Paranoid, obsessive, loyal, friendly [with  people he knows], quiet, hot-headed, shy
MBTI: Introvert, Sensing, Feeling, Judging
Maturity: Has child-like tendencies but can easily switch to maturity, so it's very hard to say.
Relationship status: Is sexually confused but is in fact straight. Starts off single and  is later in a relationship.
Social standing: He tries to stay out of crowds or any large group of people, and attempts to make himself as little known as possible. Though because of his odd actions at times people who don't know him, avoid him, those that do, help him.
Philosophy/Values: Was born Christian but doesn't exactly follow a religion, he believes in God, or even a higher being, but he just isn't sure which faith is for him.
Quirks and mannerisms: Has many quirks and mannerisms, such as when he lies he taps his nose, when he's anxious he "bounces" from one paw to the other, rubs his head or temple when he is aggravated or entering a panic attack. Bites his bottom lip or clicks his snake bites against his teeth if he has them in, when he is thinking.
When angry: Has a little bit of a quick temper, Tends to get a bit nasty, if it's just something minor he doesn't get too bad, he may just fume else where for a while until he gets bored of being mad. If it's something more severe he can get down right mean and very threatening.  He can also get like this if a ritual or something he has organized gets messed with. If it gets really, really bad, he can fly into attack mode, blacking out almost. Feels guilty for it later.
Values violated: Depending on the value he will either brush it off and say don't do it again, or if it's something severe, he will refuse to be around that person if he knows them, if not then he just ignores them.
Misc. Views: He's one of those, don't give two shits about politics until something becomes a problem then he shows more interest and tries to contribute.
Minor Notes: Allergic to almonds, loves goldfish and cookies. Loves his Nan-nan [ Naggany: a spoiled pure-bred Siamese cat that hates everyone but him] Enjoys strolls on the beach, and anything to do with water. Has a petrifying fear of Birds [believes they carry lice or some kind of other parasite] hates being sick. Loves to bathe, wash his hands, and clean. He doesn't like having too many people in his home because they bring in dirt and cough too much. Is a geek, loves anything sci-fi and anything to do with aliens will catch his attention. Is a deep sleeper and has a tendency to sleep walk and at times will suck his thumb while sleeping. Also suffers from periodic night terrors.
Strengths: A graceful dancer and very speedy [would be great in track] Is very loyal and loving to friends and loved ones. Great in anything music related [maybe singing, not to big on singing though]
Weaknesses: Quick to anger, highly paranoid and obsessive, low in strength so he can not hold up too well in a fight. Sometimes gets very depressive and can border suicidal.
Growth: Learns to control his anger a little better, becomes less depressive and gains a little more control on his sanity. Becomes a little more trusting towards people but still chooses to avoid large crowds or groups.
I got this from Luna-Rose

The blank questionnaire is by =Luna--Rose.

decided to do this cause... you know? Why not? I probably for got something >_< been kinda featherbrained lately...

Going to do this for my other characters later, I have so many TT_TT

If anyone is curious, he sucks his thumb at night because when a person has been through sexual abuse they often enter into an infantile state. [Yaaaay research!]
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